Ta chansen till ett utbyte med ICMA Europa!

Vi erbjuder nu två kommundirektörer att åka till Oslo och delta på en intressant konferens. För anmälan och övriga uppgifter hänvisas till Ann-Charlott Järnström, Ann-Charlotte.Jarnstrom@kungsbacka.se

Datum: 18–20 juni 2018

För mer information se program nedan.

Kristina Sundin Jonsson



Focus will be on sustainable development, climate risk, infrastructure, city planning, green and passive houses, green interests and bonds, financing green projects etc. All speeches will be hold in English and besides Oslo city, we’ll meet city managers from both larger and smaller municipalities.

Monday the 18th of June

09.00–11.00 Sightseeing in Oslo
11.00–17.00 Oslo City Hall and KBN Norway, the largest bank in Norway financing projects in the municipalities
11.30  Welcome to Oslo

An introduction to Norway: Some history, statistics, State practice, organization of the municipalities etc.
By Finn C. Brevig

“The Environmental Capital 2019”, sustainable development, mobility, green jobs etc.
By Oslo Municipality

“The Urban Village”, developing the city center, citizens participation etc. in a smaller city
By the City Manager of Hurdal Muncupality  

Green interest and bonds, climate risk, financing Green Houses etc.
By the Director of Public Relations and Communication, KBN Norway

Tuesday the 19th of June

09.00–17.00 Speeches and excursions
City Hall of Bærum and Asker Municipalities, Fornebu area, Holmen Aqatic center

“The Oslo package”, developing infrastructure around a larger city, planning, financing, and running the project and political processes
By the County Manager of Akershus county

City planning in Bærum, especially the area of the former main airport in Oslo. Infrastructure, Inter City Agreements and climate focus etc.

Excursion to Fornebu
By the City Manager of Bærum municipality

“FutureBuilt”, a ten years lasting project between the municipalities of Oslo, Bærum, Asker and Drammen (the largest municipalities in the region). How to reach The Sustainability Goals of the UN?

Presenting the planning and the process of FutrueBulit, including how to build with a 50 per cent lower impact on the environment than the UN Goals?

Excursion to Holmen Aqatic center – The Buliding of the Year 2017
By the Director of Culture and Technique, Asker municipality

Wednesday the 20th of June

09.00–16.00 Discussions about the future cooperation in our network. Speeches and excursions to Oppegård municipality
Høyås Living and Rehabilitation Institution, Oppegård municipality
09.00–10.45 Internal discussions. How to develop the further cooperation in ECMN / ICMA Europe?
11.15 Train to Oppegård (Kolbotn)
11.45–15.00 How to combine high goals of Sustainable development and high quality in the services? Why and how we are building Green and Passive Houses?
By the City manager and staff of Oppegård municipality
15.28 Returning by train to Oslo Central Station (Oslo S)
15.45 Arrival at Oslo Central Station, End of program


The ambition is that we all stay at a hotel within walking distance to each other and close to transportation and the facilities where we are supposed to have the meetings. There are several options to recommend, they are all in the downtown of Oslo, and close to the City Hall.

The nearest train station will be The National Theater (Nationaltheatret). Walking distance to the hotels is about 5 minutes. An alternative option is the Central Station (Oslo S), with a walking distance of 12 – 15 minutes.

Be aware of the fact, that a taxi in Oslo is expensive. There is a minimum fare of 12 – 16 Euro depending on daytime or evening / night, no matter how short you go. I would not recommend a taxi from the airport. IF you are going to take a taxi use Oslo Taxi.

The Hotels:
Scandic Victoria: Distance to the City Hall ca. 150 m
Scandic Karl Johan: Distance to the City Hall ca. 350 m
Scandic Grensen: Distance to the City Hall, ca 400 m
Grand Hotel by Scandic. Distance to the City Hall, ca 300 m

All these hotels are at the same side of the City Hall and as you understand, close to each other. They are all situated on or 50 to a 100 m from the Main Street of Oslo called Karl Johan street. At Karl Johan you’ll find the Parliament and the Royal Castle.

You can book at www.scandichotels.com. More about prices etc. below.

An alternative to a regular hotel, is to book at Cochs Pensjonat. This is something between a hotel and a boarding house. Some rooms have a private bathroom, some have not. Cochs Pensjonat is situated just behind the Royal Castle, in a nice area, 50 m from the park that surround the castle. I guess Cochs is about 800 m from the hotels mentioned.

You can book at www.cochspensjonat.no.

I’m trying to get a discount on the hotels. I’ll inform you if this works. The prices at the hotels might vary from day to day. There is a chance that you get a better price booking from your country. Examples of the prices per night from the 17th to the 20th of June as fixed prices as they are today:

Scandic Victoria Oslo: 148 Euro (NOK 1.492)
Scandic Karl Johan, 118 Euro (NOK 1.209)
Scandic Grensen: 117 Euro (NOK 1.203)
Grand Hotel by Scandic: ca. 250 Euro
Cochs Pensjonat: ca. 68 Euro depending on your choice of room. If I get it right, breakfast is not included at Cochs.

From Oslo Airport you can go to Oslo by train.

The Airport Express Train: Ca 19 Euro
Time to the National Theater (Nasjonaltheatret): 26 min

NOTICE: Leaves to Oslo Central Station every 10 minutes. Leaves to the National Theater every 20 minutes. Important to pick the right train. They leave from the same track, but you have to check that it goes all the way to the National Theater or just to Oslo Central Station. The Theater is just one stop after the Central Station.

Schedule at www.flytoget.no

Regular train: Ca 9 Euro
Time to the National Theater (Nationaltheatret): Normally 27 min. The regular trains from Oslo Airport (Oslo Lufthavn) leaves quite often, but not as often as the Airport express train.

Check the schedule at www.nsb.no.

I would not recommend a bus or a taxi from the airport. The taxi will be about 80 – 90 Euro at a fixed price.

When we arrive Oslo on Wednesday the 20th after our visit to Oppegård municipality, we’ll arrive at Oslo Central Station (Oslo S). This means it will be possible to go directly to the airport. The Airport express train leaves every 10 min from the Central Station. It will be easy to buy all the tickets needed at the airport / railway station.

Accommadation costs etc.
All attendances are going to pay their own costs regarding accommodation and transportation. You make your own reservations etc. at the websites recommended.

There will be now conference fee.

What I’ve been told, will get lunch for free when we visit the municipalities and the bank. Nevertheless, it looks like we are going to pay the dinners om Monday and Tuesday ourselves. As I don’t know how many we’ll be, or if you all will attend the hole meeting, my suggestion is that we pay for our own dinners when we are there (if I don’t succeed to get dinners paid in some way). I think this is easier and better than establishing a conference fee.

All hotels, taxis, trains and restaurants in Oslo takes VISA and Mastercard, and normally other credit cards as well.

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